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Fast Satellite Internet
Exede Broadband Internet is a completely different experience from past satellite internet providers. It’s available for customers everywhere by the power of the highest capacity satellite in the world, top of the line ground equipment, and amazing web acceleration technology. Exede Internet is so quick that it redefines satellite Internet!


Exede Internet is a newly available internet service, but is brought to you by ViaSat, the company that provides WildBlue Satellite Internet to rural America for the past 7 years, since 2005!


WildBlue and Exede Internet is now available pretty much anywhere in the U.S., including most of Hawaii and Alaska.


Exede Satellite Internet starts at $49.99 per month. Even better, all of Exede's service plans offer the fastest speeds available, which is up to 12 Mbps in most areas and up to 5 Mbps in the remaining areas of the U.S.




exede broadband: reinvent your internet!

Exede Broadband is here to bring you download speeds up to 4x faster than other Internet options. With Exede, you can watch videos and surf the web faster than ever before. With three packaged to choose from, Exede Internet offers the best speed and functionality. Using the newest satellite technology, our Internet speeds are now four times faster than many DSL providers. Looking for a better option for Internet service in your home? Exede Broadband Internet may be the best option for you. Whether you are in an area with no broadband access or in an area that is only covered by slower Internet services, Exede high speed service makes us the number one option. Exede Broadband brings you ultra fast internet connections with up to 12 Mbps download speeds. Not only do we offer the fastest Internet speeds available, but our new Late Night Free Zone offers downloads and uploads with no limit between midnight and 5a.m. every night.



The possibilities are endless. With Exede Internet, you can watch streaming videos, movies and TV shows with fewer delays from loading/buffering. You can share photos with your friends and family almost immediately. Sick of delays when video chatting? Exede has the solution for that as well, giving you fewer delays. That means no more interruptions to those very important conversations! Choose Excede today to send and receive files quickly, and browse the web faster than ever before!



Exede's satellite technology and our ground network allows our customers to do more than ever before. Stream videos and music faster without having to deal with biffering problems. Enjoy Voice Over IP phone capabilities and browse the Internet with faster loading times and access abilities. Emailing is faster and more efficient with Exede deals and plans, with higher speed performance. Transform your Internet- order Exede today!


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What can you do with Exede Internet service?
Exede Broadband Internet allows you to:

-View streaming videos, movies and TV shows with less or no delays from buffering.
-Share photos with your people amazingly fast.
-Enjoy higher quality video chat with less delays.
-Send and receive all types of files quickly.
-Browse the internet and your email faster than ever before.

Exede Internet allows you to experience a completely different experience from yesterday's Internet service.

Exede Internet brings you a remarkable internet connection with download speeds up to 12Mbps. With Exede Internet's out of this world connection, you can enjoy the Internet without waiting or frustration. Plus, our Exede "Late Night Free Zone" allows you unlimited downloads and uploads between midnight – 5 am every single night (local to your time zone).


Exede Internet plans are super-fast and affordable.
All Exede plans come with the fastest speeds available in your area. Now you can choose your plan based on your usage needs rather than speed. If you only use the Internet a short amount of time each day, our 10 GB plan may fit your needs perfectly. We can help you pick the package that will fit your needs completely.


Exede Internet is so fast - it honestly redefines satellite Internet!

Exede Internet offers safety, great service, amazing savings, super-fast connection speeds and a high-quality support team.